Plan for play in public spaces, 2030 horizon in Barcelona

We are working with Barcelona City Council to advance towards a playable and played-in city. The Barcelona Institute of Childhood and Adolescence is tasked by the City Council to draw up, in a participatory and cross-departmental way, the Plan for Play in Public Spaces, 2030 Horizon in Barcelona following the prior work included in the Barcelona gives a lot of play strategy of 2018.

Within this framework, the Institute is coordinating the participatory process so that the Plan for Play in Public Spaces takes into account not only contributions from the different areas, institutes, services and municipal districts but also contributions from all citizens, as well as those from organisations and social agents linked with this subject area.

Since February 2019, once the plan had been approved and presented, the City Council tasked us with the coordination of its roll-out, to be a driving force for the Plan’s spaces of governance (steering group, coordinating group and cross-departmental committee), the development of technical work for the roll-out of the actions and a more intensive and closer involvement with the 10 principal projects of the Plan.


Project Team: 

Laia Pineda (management since 2019)
Maria Truñó (management from 2016-2019)
Emma Cortés (coordination)
Laia Curcoll (communication)

Other participants have included:
Clara Borràs (support for research 2018-2019)
Índic (support for drawing up the Play Plan 2018-2019)
Elena Hernández (support for research 2018-2019)
Anna Serra (support for research 2020)
Carmen Pérez del Pulgar (advice on research tools 2020)


Project commissioned by: 

Barcelona City Council Area of Ecology, Urbanism and Mobility


In collaboration with: 

Barcelona Municipal Education Institute (IMEB), Area of Culture, Education, Science and Community
Municipal Institute for Parks and Gardens, Barcelona City Council Area of Ecology, Urbanism and Mobility
Municipal Institute for People with Disability (IMPD), Area of Social Rights, Global Justice, Feminism and LGTBI Affairs


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