A cookie is a small file with text and figures that is downloaded to your computer when you access certain websites. Cookies let a website recognise a user’s browser, and they do not contain or compile information. The set of cookies employed help us to improve the quality of our website and let us supervise which pages are useful to our users and which are not.

Cookies are essential for the internet to work, as they provide advantages in the provision of interactive services and make browsing our web easier and more user friendly.

The information that you provide us below will help you to understand the different types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: temporary cookies that remain in the browser’s cookies file until you leave the website and, therefore, are never recorded on users’ hard disks. The information obtained by means of these cookies is used to analyse traffic patterns on the website. In the long term, they let us provide a better experience in order to improve the contents and make the site more user friendly.
  • Permanent cookies: are stored on the hard disk and the website reads them each time you return to the site. A permanent cookie has a specific expiration date. The cookie will stop operating after this date. They are generally used to assist with purchase services, registration and language.

Function of the cookies used on the website InstitutInfancia.cat:

  • Own cookies: are strictly necessary cookies. They let the user interact with the website and use its full functions and features. These cookies let us record information that changes the site’s appearance or behaviour such as your preferred language or the text size you prefer. The loss of information stored in a preferences cookie can lead to the site being less functional, although it shouldn’t affect its operation.
  • Performance and analysis cookies: are cookies used to analyse, research and draw up statistics in order to improve users’ experience of the website. By using these cookies, the most relevant information can be displayed to visitors.
  • Third party cookies: like those used by social networks or external content complements, such as Google Maps.

Our website also uses third party services that may install cookies in order to improve the user experience.

Many browsers let you activate a private browsing option, through which cookies will always be deleted after you leave the site. Depending on each browser, this private browsing can have different names.

How do I deactivate cookies?

All browsers have a feature that lets you deactivate the configuration of cookies. These settings are located in ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ on your browser menu.

The links to each browser to deactivate cookies by following the instructions are detailed below:

If you do not want cookies to track your use, Google has developed a plug-in that you install on your browser. You can access it at this link: http://goo.gl/KFBFh