This website has considered the measures detailed below to let users access all the contents and functions more easily:

  • Multiple browsers:the pages of this site are properly displayed on the different browsers used for analysis (Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome).
  • Coherent browsing:website consistency is assured, meaning that browsing will be coherent on all pages, offering a gratifying user experience.
  • Distractions:interferences have not been employed, such as contents that flash, excessive blinking or audio that starts automatically.
  • Movement:moving contents have a mechanism to stop it.
  • Text images:in general the contents, except for logos and brand images, are fully configurable, as text images have been avoided.
  • Titles:page titles mention the portal and the section in order to provide users with context.
  • Language:the language of the pages is marked correctly.
  • Forms:forms contain labels and correctly associated controls.
  • Structure:the website has a correct structure of headers and tables so that it can be browsed and understood by blind users.
  • Language:the language on the page is simple and suitable for the viewers to whom contents are addressed.

The development of this website has been based on consideration of Web 2.0 Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), for level Double A, established by the W3C (World Wide Web consortium).

More information on website accessibility and accessibility resources, and to configure the options for the different browsers is at the website

The Consorci Institut Infància i Món Urbà (now the Institut Infància) is committed to continuing its work to reduce as much as possible different accessibility obstacles that still need to be resolved on this website.

If you detect any difficulties in accessing the website contents, please feel free to contact us (