The children have their say (2nd edition)

The 2nd edition of The children have their say begins by asking “how are you?” to children aged 8-12. With the knowledge generated by this survey, the Children’s Agenda will be updated. A new Spokeskids Group will explain it to us.

BCN 0-17 Observatory

OPEN| The aim of the project is to improve knowledge of and generate periodical analyses on the lives and rights of Barcelona’s children and adolescents in order to strengthen local policies that affect this life stage of citizens aged between 0 and 17 years.

Playable City

OPEN | We work with Barcelona City Council to monitor and develop a strategy aimed at helping the city expand, improve and diversify opportunities for play for children and adolescents in the city’s public space and, at the same time, contribute towards a better life in the community.

Covid-19 and childhood in Barcelona

OPEN | Laboratory that traces the impact of the health and social crisis of covid-19 and the measures that have been taken to deal with it, in the lives and rights of children and adolescents in Barcelona. This laboratory is based on the monitoring of 27 emergency social research identified at city, Catalan or Spanish level.

Educational opportunities in Barcelona

OPEN | This programme offers a diagnosis of the situation of education in the city of Barcelona, identifying the main challenges and action proposals for local education policies.

The children have their say (1rst edition)

2016-2020 | This project gives the floor to the children of Barcelona to find out more about their wellbeing and give them the chance to indicate actions for improvement in relation with aspects that are important in their lives.

Impacts of the 0-16 Fund on the reduction of Poverty

LABORATORY CLOSED (2019) | Qualitative assessment of the measure of the public policy Extraordinary Fund for Emergency Aid for Children from 0-16 years, an extraordinary benefit awarded by Barcelona City Council to families in situations of vulnerability to cover the basic needs of subsistence of children and/or adolescents aged 0 to 16 years.

Children and families attended to by social services

LABORATORY CLOSED (2018) | We produce a portrait of the living conditions of families with children and adolescents attended to by the social services of Barcelona with problem issues of extreme complexity based on a specific exploitation with a children’s perspective of the Survey on the Living Conditions of the Users of Social Services Centres in 2016.