The children have their say: the wellbeing of children in Barcelona

The main objective of the programme “The Children Have Their Say” is to generate knowledge about the wellbeing of children linked to the public agenda in order to contribute towards improving local policies and enriching social debates.

It is an assignment from Barcelona City Council designed to guarantee the right of children to be adequately heard in the social sphere and to favour their active citizenship, with guidelines on ethical research with young children.

The programme “The Children Have Their Say” consists of three differentiated phases:

  • Survey on subjective wellbeing. The question is put directly to the children rather than to the adults living with them. It is put to a representative sample, with the involvement of local schools.
  • Participatory workshops. At the same schools, the results are returned to the children so that they can be co-interpreted and to enable them to make proposals for improving their own wellbeing.
  • The Children’s Agenda. The knowledge generated is analysed and synthesised in an agenda of proposals. The Spokeskids Group (with children who have taken part in the survey and the workshops) is in charge of presenting it and opening informed dialogues to find solutions to their demands.

The 1st edition of the programme ran from 2016 to 2020, and its 2nd edition begins in 2021.

Programme commissioned by:

Barcelona City Council’s Area of Social Rights, Global Justice, Feminism and LGTBI Affairs

In collaboration with:

Barcelona Education Consortium

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