The children have their say (1rst edition)

  • Respondran l'enquesta 4.000 nois i noies d'entre 10 i 12 anys que cursen 5è i 6è de primària
  • L'enquesta es passa de forma digital

The Children Have Their Say: the subjective wellbeing of children in Barcelona” is a project for learning about the wellbeing of children in the city based on their point of view and with them as the focus of attention.

Promoted by the Social Rights Area of Barcelona City Council and produced by the Institute of Childhood and Adolescence of Barcelona, the project aims to be a periodical research tool with broad social and territorial scope to find out how children aged 10 to 12 years are faring in different areas of their lives. The project is based on participatory methodologies and on research geared towards change, using analysis of the children’s own proposals for improving their wellbeing.

The project “The Children Have Their Say” is grounded in the right of children to be heard and to have their opinions taken into account, and simultaneously, in their right to be significant citizens and for everyone to act with their best interests in mind.

The project is developed in three phases:

  1. Survey on subjective wellbeing:data are collected on the wellbeing of children by directly asking boys and girls instead of the adults with whom they live. Participating in the survey are 4,000 children aged between 10 and 12 years who hail from the city, in a representative sample for all the districts, thanks to the complicity of 52 schools in the city. (news on the survey)
  2. Participatory workshops:84 participatory workshops are held at the participating schools and 2,000 children help to interpret the results of the survey and make proposals for the improvement of their wellbeing, addressing the City Council and other authorities, schools, families and the children themselves. (news on the workshops)
  3. The Children’s Agendathe knowledge generated in the survey and the workshops is analysed and summarised in this agenda of proposals by the children of Barcelona. The aim is to open up social dialogues and informed debates to find solutions, with shared responsibilities, to their demands. The Spokeskids Group, made up of around thirty children aged 11 to 13 years who have participated in all phases of the project, is entrusted with introducing the Children’s Agenda to political heads, municipal services, organisations and social agents in the city, starting with the Mayor herself. (news on the presentation of the Agenda)

Project documents (in English):

General presentation of the project (May 2019)

Infographic poster containing the 11 demands on the Children’s Agenda (may 2018)

Video The Children’s Agenda: proposals to improve our well-being (subtitles in English) (May 2018)

Project team:

Laia Pineda (management)
Maria Truñó (management 2016-2019)
Laia Pineda (coordination 2016-2019)
Maria Josep Corominas (quantitative research/subjective wellbeing survey and overall monitoring)
Marta Curran (qualitative research, participatory workshops)
Laia Curcoll (Children’s Agenda)
Xarxa de consultors (participatory workshops and Spokeskids Group)

Clara Garcia (participatory workshops, 2017-2018)
Natàlia González (field work, subjective wellbeing survey, 2017)
Joana Pagès (field work, subjective wellbeing survey, 2017)
Gesop (field work, subjective wellbeing survey, 2017)

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In collaboration with:

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