Article “Childhood and adolescence in Barcelona in times of pandemic”

2023 EN

The magazine Barcelona Society number 29 dedicated to the experience of the pandemic as well as its impacts on society, includes an article about the pandemic and childhood and adolescence in the city of Barcelona This article, signed by the director of the Childhood and Adolescence Institute, Laia Pineda, and the institute researcher and coordinator of the 0-17 BCN Observatory, Elisa Stinus, reviews the situation of childhood and adolescence in the city in the context of a pandemic, based on the data from the report “Key data on childhood and adolescence 2021”, which already reflect the impact of the covid-19 crisis on the lives of children and adolescents in the city.

You can download the article through this media library or access the full magazine.

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Related projects

Covid-19 and children in Barcelona

OPEN SINCE 2020| Laboratory that traces the impact of the health and social crisis of covid-19 and the measures that have been taken to deal with it, in the lives and rights of children and adolescents in Barcelona. This laboratory is based on the monitoring of 27 emergency social research identified at city, Catalan or Spanish level.

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BCN 0-17 Observatory

The aim of this programme is to improve knowledge around and conduct regular analyses of the lives and rights of children and teenagers in Barcelona, with a view to strengthening local policies affecting this life phase of citizens aged from 0 to 17.