The Institut Infància is a public consortium devoted to generating and sharing knowledge on children and local policies, in order to favour citizens under 18 years of age being able to exercise their rights.

It is attached to the Ajuntament de Barcelona and was created in 2000 under the name Consorci Institut d’Infància i Món Urbà (CIIMU).

In 2016 it embarked on a new stage, strengthening its focus on rights, equality and citizens to generate knowledge from collaborative work related to the political agenda.

Partner institutions



Maria Truñó i Salvadó


Projects Coordination

Laia Pineda Rüegg

Head of programs

Emma Cortés Maurel

Project coordinator

Research and projects

Clara Borràs Coll


Alba Castejón Company


Bruna Coll Trepat


Mari Corominas Pérez

Researcher Ph.D.

Marta Curran Fàbregas


Miryam Navarro


Clàudia Vallvé Cid


Adrián Zancajo Silla


General services

Magda Al-Cheikh Giménez


Laia Curcoll Vallès


Nacho Huertos Martí


Last project’s collaborators

Elena Sintes Pascual

Head of Knowledge (2016-2017)

Elisa Stinus Bru de Sala

Family spaces for the little childhood (2017)

Enric Saurí Saula

Educational project evaluations (2016-2017)

Elena Guim Vallejo

Researcher (2016-2017)

Pol Maceira Duch

Researcher Ph.D. (2016-2017)

Students and Municipal employment plan

Clara Garcia Grané

Student (2017-2018)

Natàlia Gonzàlez Escrigas

Municipal employment plan (2017)

Cristian Díaz López

Municipal employment plan (2017)

Joana Pagès Mas

Municipal employment plan (2017)

Núria Rams Rius

Student (2016)

Governing council

As defined in our byelaws, the Institut is governed by the Governing Council, which is made up of representatives from the five partner organisations:

PRESIDENT Laia Ortiz, Third deputy mayor and Director of the Social Rights Area at the Ajuntament de Barcelona.
FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT Teresa Maria Fandos, Deputy of Sports of the Department of Culture, Education and Sports at the Diputació de Barcelona.
SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT Maite Vilalta, ​Delegate of Assistance Area for the Chancellor of the Universitat de Barcelona
MEMBERS Magda Orozco, Director of the Children, Youth and Senior Services Department of the Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Miquel Àngel Essomba, Commissioner of Education, Children and Youth at the Ajuntament de Barcelona

Ricard Fernández, Manager of the Social Rights Area at the Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Josep Villarreal, Director of Strategy and Innovation in the Social Rights Area at the Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Rafael Homet, Deputy Delegate of Education, Culture, Education and Sport Area at the Diputació de Barcelona.

Àngels Ponsa, Coordinator of the Area of Attention to the people at the Diputació de Barcelona

Josep Muñoz, Manager of Social Wellbeing Services at the Citizen Services & Assistance Area at the Diputació de Barcelona.

Joan Lluís Bestard, Professor of Social Anthropology at the Universitat de Barcelona.

Joaquim Prats, Professor of History Didactics at the Universitat de Barcelona.

Margarita Arboix, Chancellor of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Anna Cros, Director of the Institut de Ciències de l’Educació at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

DIRECTOR Maria Truñó, Director-manager of Institut Infància i Adolescència de Barcelona
SECRETARY Ramon Torrents, Legal Services Department, Social Rights Area of the Ajuntament de Barcelona.
ACCOUNTING Joaquim Yepes, Delegate Comptroller at the Ajuntament de Barcelona.



To move forward in fostering transparency at public institutions, we provide our details on the Transparency Portal of the Ajuntament de Barcelona, which include the following documents (in catalan):