BCN 0-17 Observatory

The BCN 0-17 Observatory, lives and rights of children and adolescents in the city is a Barcelona City Council tool for analysing, monitoring and consulting data relating to childhood and adolescence in the city.

It is an instrument that, with a comprehensive view and a priority approach towards the situations of most social vulnerability, makes possible more and better generation of knowledge regarding the lives and rights of children and adolescents in the city and the main policies that affect them.


An Observatory responds to three main motivations:

  1. The best interests of the children: Because we are starting out from the children’s right to their best interests being served, which includes being alert to their needs and priority attention (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989)
  2. Breaking the cycle of disadvantage:Because we are committed to equal opportunities and breaking the cycle of social disadvantage from the strategic phase of the life cycle for future paths and for social cohesion (European Recommendation on Investing in Childhood, 2013)
  3. Knowledge for improving policies:Because we need to generate knowledge and greater understanding of the lives of children and adolescents, especially of those facing situations of greater social vulnerability, systematising and analysing significant data in order to guide and assess public policies that affect them (Observations of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in Spain 2018)

Lines of work:

  1. System of indicators:Design and coordination of a comprehensive system of indicators relating to childhood and adolescence in Barcelona, providing open data and an annual report on key data.
  2. Studies and research:Drafting of studies based on research, assessments and/or exploitations of surveys with a dual diagnosis and proposals dimension for the guidance of local policies.
  3. Open data: Opening of the microdata files from city surveys relating to childhood and adolescence (at the Barcelona City Council Registry of Opinion Surveys and Studies, in accordance with the new regulations) to make advances in the transparency of public organisations and favour the generation of new knowledge about childhood and adolescence in the city.
    Surveys available: Barometer of children and families in Barcelona (2014)
    Coming soon: Survey on the Subjective Wellbeing of Children in Barcelona (2017)

Project team:

Laia Pineda (management)
Maria Truñó (management 2016-2019)
Laia Pineda (coordination 2016-2019)
Adrián Zancajo (design and analysis of indicators system data)
Mari Corominas (technical support and data analysis)
Miryam Navarro (qualitative evaluation of Fons 0-16)
Xavier Martínez-Celorrio (analysis of data on families with children from the social services survey)
Toni Marín (exploitation of the data on families with children from the social services survey)

Project commissioned by: 

Barcelona City Council Social Rights Area

In collaboration with:

Barcelona City Council Technical Programming Office
Institute for Regional and Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona (IERMB)
Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB)
Consortium of Education of Barcelona (CEB)

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