Playable City

We work with and for the Barcelona City Council to move towards a playable city starting from the Plan for Play in Barcelona’s Public Spaces presented in 2019 and the previous work included in the strategy ‘Barcelona plays things right‘ (document in catalan).

As recommended by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, it is necessary to plan opportunities for free, inclusive and diverse play in childhood, it is necessary to incorporate the opinions and interests of children and adolescents in the design of recreational spaces, and it is necessary to be accountable and analyse the advances made by the exercising of the right to play.

In this sense:

  • we provide criteria for the design and planning of play areas, recreational spaces and for a more playable urban environment.
  • we diagnose the play situation in Barcelona’s public space based on visits to areas to be renovated, ethnographic observations and interviews with adults accompanying children in play areas and on the creation of a basic system of indicators to map it out and monitor it.
  • we accompany processes of co-creation with children to transform two parks.
  • we hold work seminars with municipal heads, organisations and specialists in order to mainstream and enrich criteria, diagnosis and lines for planning and reinforcement of a policy for play in the public space.

Within the framework of these actions, and with the contribution of the Institute of Childhood and Adolescence, Barcelona City Council has produced the Government Measure: “Barcelona has lots of room to play” (Barcelona dona molt de joc) presented at the Municipal Plenary Session on 23 February 2018.

Project background:

This line of work of the Institute of Childhood and Adolescence commenced in 2016 with the Cross-departmental Group on the Public Space, Childhood and Adolescence and with the co-organisation of the conference Children’s Right to the City: Improving the Public Space.

Project team:

Laia Pineda (management)
Maria Truñó (management 2016-2019)
Emma Cortés (coordination)
Clara Borràs (project support)
Índic (participated and cross-departmental drafting of the Play Plan)
Susana Gimber, de Raons Públiques (process of co-creation of parks with children)
Joan Gené, de Raons Públiques (process of co-creation of parks with children)

Project commissioned by:

Department of Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility of Barcelona City Council

In collaboration with:

Municipal Institute of Parks and Gardens
Municipal Institute of People with Disabilities (IMPD)
Municipal Institute of Education of Barcelona (IMEB)
Municipal Institute of Social Services (IMSS)
Barcelona Sports Institute (IBE)

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